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About Marine Catering Services


Catering is defined as the business of providing food and drink, typically at social events and in a professional capacity either on-site or at a remote site. The term was originally coined by the Merchant Marines, who were among the first to employ catering officers for their vessels. These catering officers were responsible for purchasing goods, preparing food, and serving the meals and beverages to the other people on board the vessels. They also had to perform other ship-related tasks. Having built his reputation over many years training cooks around the world both on and offshore, Henry is passionate about passing his exacting standards across the marine catering sector and delivering direct solutions to catering staff While competitors have turned towards distance-learning formats to train catering staff and ship management teams on issues such as sees the value in face-to-face training to get past language barriers and engage masters, management teams and catering staff in a way they can’t be reached through a screen. In fact, Henry, along with his team of highly qualified professional chefs, has successfully trained multinational crew from, among others, 

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