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Female Patient care Assistant

She role of the Health Care Assistant emerged primarily to support the professional nurse and to undertake perceived ‘non-nursing’ duties under the direction and supervision of qualified nurses. Health Care Assistants are employed in a variety of clinical settings and carry out a range of tasks and procedures. While they represent a substantial proportion of the health care workforce, the growth of their role has taken place without regulation, clear boundaries, or systematic education and training. This has raised serious concerns, especially with regard to the issues of patient safety and quality of care. For health professionals, regulations, role clarity and validated education and training are key elements of ensuring the safety of the public. This paper explores these issues with regard to the Health Care Assistant role and finds them wanting.


Career prospects

It is a Diploma certificate program. This program is well known by the short name of DFCA.


In this post, I’ve covered all the important details that you need to know about DFCA course. Here, you will find the following details – duration, eligibility criteria, colleges, admission process, fees, syllabus, career prospects and more.


Diploma in Female Care Assistant

Course Duration 2 years

Eligibility Completed 10th/ 12th standard


Eligibility criteria may vary from one college to another. The course duration is two years.


What is DFCA course all about? What is it like to pursue this program? What is the course content like? Will I get a good job after completing this course?

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