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Medical lab technician 

You know medical lab technicians perform lab tests, but what does that actually mean?

Simply put, these tests are chemical analyses of body fluids–such as blood or urine–using a microscope or other advanced lab equipment. These tools help medical lab techs detect abnormalities or diseases, which are then recorded and reported in computer systems. These chemical analyses are considered to be a core job duty, but they also use mechanical and electrical devices to ensure their test results conform to specifications.

Medical lab technicians are also tasked with the following:2

  • Setting up, maintaining, calibrating, cleaning and testing the sterility of lab equipment

  • Preparing solutions or reagents to be combined with samples

  • Collecting blood, tissue or other samples from patients

Along with these job duties, MLTs could also be responsible for matching blood compatibility for transfusions, analyzing the chemical content of fluids or examining immune system elements. Additionally, medical lab techs may search for parasites, bacteria and microorganisms in their samples with sophisticated lab equipment.

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