Food Industry
  1. Omega-3 fatty acids/DHA

  2. Green tea

  3. Honey

  4. Coffee

  5. Probiotics

  6. Apple cider vinegar

  7. Oats

  8. Garlic

  9. Grapefruit

  10. Dark chocolate

  1. Ginger

  2. Ginseng

  3. Melatonin

  4. Avocado oil

  5. Chamomile

  6. Spinach

  7. Ginkgo biloba

  8. Coconut oil

  9. Lavender

  10. Blueberries

Food Industry

“Everyday food and beverages have become the first stop to health management for baby boomers as well as millennials,” according to Proactive Health: Consumer Demand For Functional Benefits from Kerry. In the company’s study of 1,001 U.S. consumers, 66% of baby boomers, 64% of Gen X, and 71% of millennials said they are proactive with their health.

Kerry’s 2019 research looked at consumers’ health priorities, the role of added functionality in food, and consumers’ perception of 85 potentially functional ingredients. Consumer priorities are weight, mood, energy, and sleep, with people increasingly wanting support from their diets, especially with weight management and energy.

“A dramatic shift in priorities among health-conscious consumers finds them relying on food and dietary supplements as the dominant method to meet their health needs,” states the report. “While medication is the most popular solution for sleep support and mood management, consumers would prefer to use food and dietary supplements.” Kerry sees this preference as an opportunity for the food and beverage industry to develop products that offer these benefits.