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Hotel Management

The hotel industry is the servicing business conducing another significant branch in the economic development of the country. The hotel industry associates many types of industry, such as the tourist industry, the transportation industry, and the food servicing industry.



The paper is a reflection on the changes that have taken place in the area of food and beverage and serves as a reminder that it is still one of the most complex activities within the area of hospitality.



Bar management involves operating and running an establishment that serves  beverages. If you're in charge of managing a bar, you'll need to oversee a variety of staff members, such as bouncers, bartenders and servers. Entertainment is an important part of bar management as well. Potential entertainment options include televised sports games and live events featuring bands and comedians. If a bar serves food, a bar manager also might have to make menu selections and supervise the bar's kitchen.



Prospective fruit and vegetable carvers learn to use knives, peelers and other tools to shave down and shape food into flowers, butterflies, boats, animals and a variety of other objects. Individuals can sign up for professional courses or enroll in certificate or associate's degree programs.

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