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Hotel management & Health Science is a service industry which focuses on serving the needs of its clients. Training in hotel management and Hospital develops niche working skills which are transferable in the service industries. Our Students are responsible for the efficient and profitable operation of their establishments.

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Hotel Management & Health Science

I take this opportunity to welcome all of you at ARS Group of Colleges of Hotel Management & Health Science, Karur . The aim of establishing of ARS Group of Colleges of Hotel Management & Health Science is to transform the students into the young professionals. As you might be aware that education is a tool to improve the social and economic development of the society. Keeping this in mind ARS Group of Colleges of Hotel Management & Health Science make the youth self-discipline and self-motivated to serve the society in best manner. At ARS Group of Colleges of Hotel Management & Health Science we provide the necessary infrastructure along with a team of qualified and experienced faculty to teach and make them good hospitality professionals. I assure you that we would leave no stone unturned to groom our students and make them a thorough professional who would be the torch bearer of hospitality industry.

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The hotel industry is the servicing business conducing another significant branch in the economic development of the country. The hotel industry associates many types of industry, such as the tourist industry, the transportation industry, and the food servicing industry. It is apparent that every country emphasizes on the significance of this kind of industry, with a belief that this is a source for employment, disseminating the income of the country, conducing the country’s progression, especially the progressing country such as Thailand. It is accepted that the hotel industry brings a high income to the country. Therefore, the government sector and the public sector should cooperate in promoting this kind of business. Whereby, the public sector would make the investment, and the government sector would support. It is complacent that generally the hotel industry in Thailand is being internationally accepted, due to the modernization of the hotel and the optimum service. The Thai amiability to foreigners avails the progression of this kind of business. The Oriental Hotel is an example ofsuccess for Thai Hotel, in receiving the world best hotel award for eight consecutive years. This enables the image for the Thai hotel business to become in one ofthe top levels in the eyes offoreigners.

Health Science

Health Care

Introduction to Health Science provides the foundational knowledge and skills students need for careers in health care. Students begin by exploring the services, structure, and professions of the health care system. The remainder of the course focuses on day-to-day skills and expectations for health professionals, which include promoting wellness, maintaining a safe environment, creating medical records, and practicing good communication, collaboration, and leadership.


Using real-life scenarios and application-driven activities, students learn the responsibilities and challenges of being health care professionals. In addition to building their understanding of technical concepts and skills, students evaluate the qualifications required for specific careers and develop personal career plans to pursue work in the health care industry.


Introduction to Health Science is an introductory-level Career and Technical Education course for programs of study in health sciences.


This course is built to state and national standards.



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